In Case of An Emergency

The Piedmont Unified School District has adopted an extensive Emergency/Disaster Plan based on an international Incident Command System ( All District and Site personnel have been trained in the implementation of this Plan through drills, workshops and periodic staff reviews.

Please note that in this geographic area, there are frequent minor earthquakes that do not cause widespread damage or disruptions. PUSD’s Emergency/ Disaster Plan is a multi-tiered system that can be implemented at many levels, depending on need and assessment of the campus, for both internal and external threats.

During disaster drills and actual emergencies, all staff wear bright orange vests so they can be easily identified in the crowd. Bright yellow/green vests designate Team Leaders.

What Parents Can Do to Prepare for an Emergency

Make sure Emergency Forms are complete and up-to-date:

  • Parents / Guardians are required to complete an Emergency Form for each student each year. It is critical that the information on the Form is complete and up-to-date. The Emergency Form must include at least one person who is authorized (and who consents) to pick up your student in case of an emergency, and who is available for emergency pick-up during school hours. In case of an emergency, students will be released ONLY to the persons designated on this Form.
  • Parents / Guardians are responsible for ensuring that student and parent information on the Emergency Form is current at all times. Parents should contact site personnel to make changes or updates.
  • Parents / Guardians should confirm that the school has the cell phone or other phone number to be used in case of an emergency.
  • Parents/ Guardians should make certain that their phone Caller ID will accept calls from the school.
  • Students who are 18 or older may sign themselves out at the Student Release Table.
  • Students who are 18 or older may pick up a younger sibling IF that student is on the sibling’s Emergency Form.
  • Parents/ Guardians should become proficient in sending and receiving text messages.

Make sure your student is familiar with and prepared to follow emergency plans:

  • Parents / Guardians are asked to share the responsibility for informing students of what to do in case of an emergency, and to direct students to follow all instructions of school personnel. Students should be aware of who is likely to pick them up in case of an emergency.
  • Parents / Guardians are asked to discuss with High School students the importance of staying on campus until they are released by school personnel, and to write down their next destination on the Student Release form.

What Parents Can Expect in an Emergency

The primary responsibility of PUSD school staff in an emergency is the safety of all students and staff. As part of the Incident Command System, each school site has made arrangements for rescue, first aid, sanitation, water, and other support, and is prepared to function on its own, under the direction of its Incident Commander. Each school site coordinates with the District Office, which in turn coordinates with local emergency services.

Supervision of Students by School Personnel:

  • All students are required to remain at school, or an alternate safe site, under the supervision of school personnel:
    • Until released to an adult authorized on the Emergency Form; OR
    • Until regular dismissal time, if school personnel determine that release is safe.
  • If students are on their way to school, they should proceed to school and follow the direction of school personnel.
  • If students are on their way home from school, they should continue home.
  • District personnel may relocate students to another site where consolidated care facilities can be provided. If relocation to secondary or tertiary sites is necessary, signs will be posted at each school entrance and efforts will be made to contact parents via phone lines (if available) or the PUSD website’s Twitter account.

Guidance for Parents:

  • Do NOT call the school.
  • Do NOT automatically rush to the school.
  • If telephone lines are operational, each school will notify parents/guardians, at the telephone number provided on the Emergency Form, if students have been evacuated and require pick –up.
  • Check the school’s website or Facebook group for messages. Parents can access the District’s Twitter under “News” on the website. The handle is “piedmontunified”.
  • If picking up students:
    • Plan on picking up your youngest student first.
    • Follow the signage at the school and enter ONLY at designated entrances. Respect areas cordoned off by yellow “caution” tape and follow directions for alternate routes. Follow instructions of school personnel.
    • Make sure to bring an ID. Site Security will be checking to make sure that all adults entering the campus have a legitimate purpose for being there.
    • Remember to write down your Destination on the Student Release form.
    • Do NOT bring dogs or other pets to the school.
    • Plan on the check-out procedure taking time- you may want to bring a cell phone, water, and PATIENCE.

Emergency Release Areas:

  • Beach: School Playground. Enter from Lake Ave
  • Havens: Becker Playfield. Enter and Exit  from Bonita gate.
  • Wildwood: Lower Playground. Enter and exit from Winsor gate.
  • PMS: Morrison Gym. Enter from Magnolia at top of stairs. Secondary site is Witter Field, on the right side as seen from the stands.
  • PHS & MHS: Piedmont Community Center. Secondary site is Witter Field, on the left side as seen from the stands.

To volunteer your efforts in an emergency, please sign in at the District Office.

Click here to download the information on this page.

A copy of the complete Emergency Plan is available at each site.

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