Communications Contacts

District Communications Contact

Beach Elementary School

Publication: Wednesday News
Submission Deadline: Mon. 10:00 am
Distribution: Wed. via students

Havens Elementary School

Publication:  Havens Highlights
Submission Deadline: Mon. 10:00 am preceding
Distribution: Wed. via students

Wildwood Elementary School

Publication: What Not
Submission Deadline: Fri. 3 pm preceding
Distribution: Wed. via students

Piedmont Middle School

Publication: PMS Bulletin
Submission Deadline: Wed 12:00noon preceding
Distribution: Mon. email or 1st class mail to subscribers

Piedmont High School

Publication: Daily Bulletin
Submission Deadline: Noon day before; Complete form and return to PHS Office
Distribution: Next day over PA, on bulletin boards, in teachers’ boxes

Publication: College Center Bulletin
Contact: 594.2651
Submission Deadline: As needed
Distribution: Website, email weekly, pick up in College Center, posted on campus

Publication: PHS Bulletin
Submission Deadline:
Distribution: PHS website, email to subscribers, or every month 1st class mail to subscribers

Publication: Student Newspaper (Highlander)
Contacts: Beth Black – Faculty Advisor – 594.2777 & Student Editor – 594.2884
Submission Deadline: Call editor or advisor for coverage; Ad space available
Distribution: 1st class mail by subscription or pick-up at PHS

Local Newspapers

Publication: Piedmont Post
Contact: Gray Cathral, Editor – – 654.1311 (fax: 658.2891)
Submission Deadline: Fri. 3 pm preceding
Distribution: Wednesday

Publication: Piedmont Exedra                                                                                                            Contact: Holly Hanke & Mary Ireland, Editors –                            Distribution: Online

Publication: Piedmonter
Contact: Rebecca Parr – Alameda County Editor – 510.293.2473 Submission Deadline: Tues. 9:30 am preceding.
Distribution: Email, FAX, or deliver to City Hall Friday


Publication: School Sponsored Events
Contact: Echa Schneider, Station Manager – – 420.3083 (M-F 8:30-5:00)
Submission Deadline: At least 1 week before event for Reader Board; 1-3 weeks before event Weekly update of Reader Board;
Distribution: KCOM coverage

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