Communications Contacts

Process for Copyok Announcement-Flyer Requests

  • All announcements should only be sent to Copyok, with no cc’s to a school site.  After the announcement has been reviewed and approved, the announcement will be forwarded by Copyok to the appropriate school site(s)
  • For announcements that submitters want run more than one week, submitters must submit their request weekly to Copyok, along with the announcement . 
  • The announcement that the submitter provides must be the final wording of the announcement that is to be placed in the newsletters.  Any corrections submitted later will only be made if time permits.           
  • Announcements should be submitted in the below format: 
    –  Single-spaced
    –  Regular font, not italicized
    –  All left-justified (including caption)
    –  Only caption to be bolded
    –  columns must be in Tables or tabs set properly (not tab overs)
  • Turn-around time for approval and distribution of a “standard” announcement is two days.  However, if there are portions of an announcement that are unclear or cannot be approved, it may take longer because other members of the Copyok Team may need to be consulted and may not be readily available.
    Deadline for elementary newsletters:  10:00 a.m. every Monday
    Deadline for PMS Bulletin:  12:00 p.m. every Wednesday
  • Announcements regarding events by non-profit or for-profit organizations outside of Piedmont will not be placed in newsletters.  If an electronic copy of a flyer is sent to , the flyer will be reviewed and if approved, it will be sent by the Copyok Team to the appropriate school sites for posting on a school’s community bulletin board, only.
  • Piedmont USD no longer approves the distribution of individual flyers except for “The Giving Campaign”, “Spring Fling” and the “Harvest Festival”
  • Piedmont USD does not approve the distribution of flyers to teachers/teacher lounges
  • All inquiries regarding announcements/flyers, etc. should be sent to:
  • You will receive a response regarding your request

Beach Elementary School

Publication: Wednesday News
Submission Deadline: Mon. 10:00 am
Distribution: Wed. via students

Havens Elementary School

Publication:  Havens Highlights
Submission Deadline: Mon. 10:00 am preceding
Distribution: Wed. via students

Wildwood Elementary School

Publication: What Not
Submission Deadline: Fri. 3 pm preceding
Distribution: Wed. via students

Piedmont Middle School

Publication: PMS Bulletin
Submission Deadline: Wed 12:00noon preceding
Distribution: Mon. email or 1st class mail to subscribers


Piedmont High School

Publication: Daily Bulletin
Submission Deadline: Noon day before; Complete form and return to PHS Office
Distribution: Next day over PA, on bulletin boards, in teachers’ boxes

Publication: College Center Bulletin
Contact: 594.2651
Submission Deadline: As needed
Distribution: Website, email weekly, pick up in College Center, posted on campus

Publication: PHS Bulletin
Submission Deadline:
Distribution: PHS website, email to subscribers, or every month 1st class mail to subscribers


Publication: Student Newspaper (Highlander)
Beth Black – Faculty Advisor – 594.2777
Student Editor – 594.2884

Submission Deadline: Call editor or advisor for coverage; Ad space available
Distribution: 1st class mail by subscription or pick-up at PHS

District Website –

Contact: Dan Garvin, Webmaster –
Submission Deadline:  Email by Thur. 3 pm.
Distribution: Monday

Local Newspapers

Publication: Piedmont Post
Contact: Gray Cathral, Editor – – 654.1311 (fax: 658.2891)
Submission Deadline: Fri. 3 pm preceding
Distribution: Tuesday

Publication: Piedmonter
Contact: Connie Rux – Editor – crux@bayareanewsgroup.com510.748.1658 (FAX:339.4066)
Submission Deadline: Tues. 9:30 am preceding.
Distribution: Email, FAX, or deliver to City Hall Friday


Publication: School Sponsored Events
Contact: Kenya Davis, Station Manager – – 420.3083 (M-F 8:30-5:00)
Submission Dealine: At least 1 week before event for Reader Board; 1-3 weeks before event Weekly update of Reader Board;
Distribution: KCOM coverage

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