District Calendar

Instructional Calendars

Composite Calendar

Below is a composite calendar for events at ALL Piedmont Unified School District sites for the current School Year.

 = District-Wide Event
 = Beach Event
 = Havens Event
 = Wildwood Event
 = Middle School Event
 = High School Event
 = Millennium High School Event

To select (or de-select) which calendars you would like to view simultaneously, click the drop-down arrow at the upper-right-hand side of the calendar, next to the tabs “Week / Month / Agenda.” This will bring up a menu of checkboxes from which you may select your preferred view. If you use Google Calendar, you may also want to click the “+ Google Calendar” icon to add dates from your selected sites to your own calendar.  Note that school calendars only contain info particular to that site.  District wide events, including holidays and furlough days, are contained on the District calendar.  Adding just a site calendar to your Google Calendar or smartphone will not get you the complete picture.


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