Budget and Finances

The General Fund is the most significant of the funds managed by the District because it represents the day-to-day operations of the District. The General Fund includes income from the State and Federal Government, the Parcel Tax Measures B and C, and Support Group donations. The General Fund reflects the District’s priorities to offer a breadth of student program opportunities and providing compensation to attract and retain the most highly qualified personnel possible. The Board recognizes and is concerned about the reliance on one-time funds in the budget and is grateful to the Piedmont community for its continued support.

Economic uncertainties in the State and national economy have a profound effect on the District’s budget. The staff, Board of Education and community at large are very aware of the effects of enrollment fluctuations and State budget uncertainties and plan accordingly. Piedmont is committed to the long-term tradition of solid fiscal responsibility in the management of the District’s finances. The District business services staff continues to work closely with the Business Services department at Alameda County Office and in consultation with School Services of California. The Alameda County Office of Education is dedicated to supporting Piedmont to assure all requirements of AB 1200 and the Daucher Bill are met.

The Budget is fluid and therefore under constant “revision” as revenues and expenditures are clarified. Major revisions to the Adopted Budget for all funds operated by the District must be approved by the Board and may be done at any time during the year. The Board must review the Budget at least two times during the year, at the First and Second Interim Reports. A Revised Budget is presented as part of the First Interim Report in December of each year and reflects year-end projections based on actual expenditures through October 31 of the current academic year. The Second Interim Report, which is based on actual expenditures through January 31 of the current academic year, is presented in March.

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