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“Students Come First” in the Piedmont Schools. Educators work hard to provide all students with a comprehensive, rigorous and relevant K-12 curriculum. Parent participation in classrooms, on fieldtrips, on boards and committees is very high. Residents demonstrate their commitment to education in a variety of ways, but most importantly, through a parcel tax contributing approximately $9.0 million, nearly one third of the district budget, yearly.


The Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD) strives to provide a stimulating educational environment for approximately 2,500 students. The student population has become increasingly diverse and includes 20 percent who are Asian, 3 percent Hispanic, 3 percent African American, and 74 percent Caucasian. On California Standards Tests (CST) and STAR, PUSD is among the highest ranking unified school districts in the State, and over 95 percent of Piedmont Unified School District graduates pursue a college education.

A team of over 360 highly experienced and dedicated teachers, support staff, and administrators work with students at six school sites: three elementary schools, one middle school, one traditional high school, and one alternative high school. The district also includes an adult school that shares space with the district schools for evening and weekend classes.

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