Curriculum Overview

PUSD is committed to appropriately integrating technology into all areas of the curriculum and dedicated to the acquisition and support of effective educational technology that provides teachers and students real-world contexts for learning, connections to larger learning communities, and opportunities to individualize and apply learning. Implementing technology-based solutions into all functions and processes of instruction, management and communication is the responsibility of district and school site curriculum and technology leaders. Specifically our role is to:

  • Orchestrate the implementation of our technology plan components with stakeholders.
  • Keep the technology funding flowing and manage the technology budgets.
  • Keep the infrastructure, hardware, and software up to date.
  • Provide service to users on an ongoing basis.
  • Implement technology solutions that will make accountable differences in instruction, assessment, and management students as well as improve communication and collaboration.

Instructional Technology Plan 2013-2016 “This was one of the best plans I have read in the past few years” Rick Alva, Program Manager of Instructional Technology, Alameda County Office of Education.

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