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All children yearn to belong and connect with people like them. Students who come from different racial, cultural or religious backgrounds than their teachers, or who have gender identities that do not match the majority of students around them, may feel isolated and lonely. A new PUSD program that matches high school students who volunteer as Identity Affinity Mentors with elementary students whose parents have asked them to be mentored by a student from a similar identity, is providing teen role models to encourage, inspire and build academic and social confidence in younger students.

The program, started in August of 2020 and spearheaded by Jean Takazawa, instructional paraeducator at Havens Elementary School, and Ina Bendich, Restorative Justice Consultant, has matched 32 high school Identity Affinity Mentors with 77 elementary students from all three PUSD elementary schools this year. High school students receive training in how to conduct a support circle and work in pairs with students they are matched with based on self-identified affinities. (Read More)

For more information, contact Jean Takazawa at jtakazawa@piedmont.k12.ca.us.

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