Student Support Services

Our District strives to provide students with a variety of learning opportunities and experiences while attending Piedmont schools. Paid for with state, federal, parents club, and/or local parcel tax funding sources, the following special programs and student support services are available to students to help them work to their maximum potential:

Smaller Class Sizes
The District believes that the quality of instruction and learning is influenced positively by lower student-to-adult ratios. The District participates in both state and federal class size reduction programs, pays for elementary instructional aides to assist classroom teachers, and receives funds from the School Parcel Tax to lower class size at targeted grade levels, and in some cases by subject.

Elementary Reading Resource Program provides services to students and teachers in reading readiness, writing, language development, and children’s literature. Some of these services include: teaching small groups of children who require extra help; testing and evaluating whole classes or individuals referred by teachers; using literature to motivate reading and writing; and assisting teachers in developing literature based teaching units.

Elementary Math Resource Program provides both remedial and enrichment assistance to our students in learning and understanding math concepts. Classroom teachers refer students to the Math Resource teachers.

English Language Development Program is designed to give special reading, writing, listening and speaking instruction to students whose first language is not English. The philosophy of this program is that the ability to speak a second language is a special achievement. Students are screened to see if they would benefit from the program.

Student Study Team Services
Every school has a Student Study Team which consists of teachers, specialists, administrators and counselors. The team supports and addresses teacher concerns about particular students who are having difficulty learning in their class or who need additional challenges to extend learning in their class. After meeting, the team offers suggestions to the teacher on how to support the student in their classroom. These suggestions are referred to as classroom accommodations or modifications. If all the accommodations or modifications are tried without success, the student may be referred for Special Education Services or Section 504 Services under the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Counseling Services at the elementary level are provided to help students develop strong social skills, to learn how to get along with others, to make good decisions, to control aggression and anger, and to accept responsibility for their behavior. School counselors guide students through this process using conflict resolution, social interaction, and decision-making skills. At the secondary level, counseling services are provided to help students further develop their mediation and conflict resolution skills, to help students on course selection planning and academic counseling, and to provide college counseling support.

PUSD Wellness Center
Open to all high school students, the Piedmont Unified School District Wellness Center provides mental health counseling and health education to students, recognizing that health and engaged learning are inextricably linked. The Center was opened in 2007-08 in response to a high school accreditation report issued in April 2006 recommending that “PHS needs to provide mental health services and continue its efforts to reach all struggling students, ” and student responses to the State’s Healthy Kids Survey indicating some of the highest alcohol, tobacco, and drug use statistics in Alameda County. The Center is staffed by counselors, licensed clinicians, a health educator, and a part-time district nurse. Mental Health Services include individual counseling, crisis intervention, group counseling, family consultation, and school mediation. Health Education includes weekly workshops, health resources, peer education, health presentations, health counseling, and substance abuse intervention.

Call or Drop-in for an appointment: 510-594-2803; Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm (on school days)

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