Fine Arts

Curriculum Overview

The Piedmont Unified School District implements the content standards adopted by the California State Board of Education for Visual and Performing Arts. These standards assure that all students, K-12, are learning dance, drama, music, and visual art using five distinct strands of an arts program: artistic perception; creative expression; historical and cultural context; aesthetic valuing; and connections, relationships, and applications.

For specific standards in individual Fine Arts, please visit the links below:

The importance of the arts and of arts instruction, as represented in the following statement, is reflective of PUSD’s mission in visual and performing arts:


“Arts education, even at its simplest level, that of literacy, provides a student with the core ability to observe where others only see, to hear through simpler sounds the music of mathematics and physics, to demonstrate the three-act play found in every solid sentence, to experience and learn a vocabulary of the senses that will in turn inform every other skill. The arts are the connective tissue. They provide the big muscles of the measurable skills with connection points to the everyday things we all experience and the stuff of inspiration that makes up our best dreams. Arts education has in it the history of human problem solving. Problem solvers work, learn, and succeed through their lives, enriching those around them who are touched by those solutions.”


– Randy Nelson (Education Director for Pixar Studios)

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