Board of Education Meeting Materials

Agendas are posted at least 72 hours before the start of a scheduled Board Meeting in accordance with Government Code 54957.5

School Board Members to Attend Board Meetings Virtually 

Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order N-25-20, all members of the Board of Education as well as the Superintendent and District Staff, will join the meeting via phone/video conference and no teleconference locations need be posted.

There are two ways to make public comment at the prescribed time near the beginning of the meeting, or in extended public comment after each agenda item. The Board President will introduce the allotted period of time for Public comments, organize the comments, and indicate who will be speaking next.

  • To comment by video conference, click on the Participants button at the bottom of your screen and select the “Raise Your Hand” button to request to speak when Public Comment is being asked for. When called upon, you will be unmuted. After the allotted time, you will then be re-muted.
  • To comment by phone, you will be prompted to “Raise Your Hand” by pressing “*9” to request to speak when Public Comment is asked for. When called upon, you will be unmuted. After the allotted time, you will then be re-muted. Instructions of how to raise your hand by phone are available at: -Joining-a-meeting-by-phone. 

PUSD Board of Education Meeting Agendas and Minutes are now published online at the

PUSD Gamut Public Page  (select Meetings then Meeting Date)

Meeting Dates

*Indicates Special Board Meeting

Presentations Video Meeting Summary
July 21, 2021*   Video
August 11, 2021   KCOM Summary
August 25, 2021   KCOM Summary 
September 14, 2021   KCOM  Summary
September 22, 2021  Social-Emotional KCOM Summary 
October 13, 2021 LCAP Indicators

Budget Update

KCOM Summary

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