PUSD Board Meeting Summary – June 22, 2022

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At its June 22nd meeting, the Piedmont Unified Board of Education:

Approved 2022-23 Employment Contract for Donald Evans, Ed.D. as Interim Superintendent – Read press release.

Ratified Appointment of Angela Barrett as Piedmont Middle School Assistant Principal – Read full background and press release

Approved Revised Memorandum of Understanding between Piedmont Makers and Piedmont Unified School District – On December 15, 2020, the Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Piedmont Makers. The MOU set out parameters for a generous donation for equipping and staffing the engineering lab in the Piedmont High School STEAM building. The original MOU provided for the permanent naming of the engineering lab for names to be recommended at a later date. The revised MOU includes the recommended names and a description of each honoree. The revised MOU also includes an updated list of the equipment purchased with the contribution. Read full background

Adopted and Approved Resolution 32-2021-22 – Title IX 50th Anniversary.

Approved and Adopted Second Reading of the 2021-2024 Local Control and Accountability Plan – Pursuant to Education Code 52060, all local educational agencies (LEA) must adopt and update annually, a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Annual Update. The LCAP is a three-year plan describing the district’s annual goals and specific actions to address state and local priorities to support outcomes for all students and student groups. Read the full LCAP here. The items included in this year’s approval process and what will be presented at the second public hearing of the 2022-23 LCAP are as follows:

Approved and Adopted 2022-23 Budget – The 2022-23 Budget is presented for a second reading and formal adoption. Assuming the State will adopt a budget that incorporates the Governor’s May Revision budget assumptions, the District will maintain the required 3% reserve for 2022-23. This version of the 2022-23 budget does not differ substantially from the draft budget presented at the first reading and public hearing on June 8, 2022. Some specific numbers have changed to incorporate all known revenues and expenditures. Read full background and complete budget report.

Approve and Adopt Year End Resolutions: Resolution 33-2021-22 – Authorizing Cash Transfers of Funds ; Resolution 34-2021-22 – Authorizing Year-End Budget Transfers And 2022-23 – School Year Budget Transfers – To manage the district’s cash, budget and financials during the year, the Board is being asked to approve a number of resolutions that are administrative in nature, but require deliberate Board action. Read full background

Approved 2021 Universal PreKindergarten Planning and Implementation Grant Program PlanThe 2021–22 State Budget package established the UPK Planning and Implementation Grant Program as a state early learning initiative with the goal of expanding access to prekindergarten programs at local educational agencies (LEAs). This grant program provides $200 million for the California Department of Education to allocate directly to LEAs based on a statutory formula to support planning and implementation costs associated with expanding prekindergarten options, such as universally-available transitional kindergarten, CSPP, and Head Start for eligible students, and other local and community-based partnerships. Read full background

Approved and Adopted Resolution 35-2021-22 – The Education Protection Account – The Board is required to determine how to spend Education Protection Account (EPA) funds in open session of a public meeting. This resolution satisfies this Constitutional requirement. The District expects to receive approximately $482,940 of EPA funds in 2022-23. The adopted budget for 2022-23 has all of the EPA funds allocated to teaching positions. Read full background.

Approved 2022-23 Tentative Agreement Between Piedmont Unified School District and The California School Employees Association, Chapter 60 – The California School Employees Association (CSEA), Chapter #60 and the District developed a Tentative Agreement regarding Measure H Funds/Salary in the 2022-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Read full background

Approved 2021-22 Tentative Agreement Between Piedmont Unified School District and The Association of Piedmont School Administrators. 

Approved Resolution 38-2021-22 Declaration of Surplus Property.


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Next Regular Board Meeting – Wednesday, August 10, 7:00pm

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