Superintendent’s Message – Feb. 3rd – Outdoor Masking

Thursday, February 17th, 2022 - Posted in COVID

February 3rd, 2022


Dear PUSD Families,

At the January 26th Board Meeting, I announced changes to the District’s outdoor mask requirement. In addition to lifting the requirement for outdoor PE activities, I also announced that COVID conditions in Piedmont would be evaluated this week, and if positive cases continued to show significant decline, I would lift the outdoor mask requirement for all students and staff at all grade levels. As of today, I believe the numbers are trending in the right direction and I am announcing the lifting of the requirement effective Monday, February 7th. 

While this decision will be met with joy and relief by a portion of our population, it will also be met with anxiety by another. There are a few points and procedures I would like to remind our students and families of:

  • There is no change to the mandate requiring masks while indoors – this is a state mandate of which the District has no authority to lift or modify.
  • While the outdoor mask requirement is being lifted, students wishing to continue wearing a mask outside are absolutely permitted and encouraged to do so.
  • Being outdoors is not a guarantee against transmission of COVID. Students are still recommended to distance and avoid close contact whenever possible.

While the outdoor mask requirement is lifted, I am requiring that middle school students wear their masks while lined up to receive their meals at brunch/lunch for their protection and that of our Food Service staff and volunteers. For elementary students, I am recommending students put their masks on while lined up to return to their classrooms at the beginning of the day and following recess, lunch, or other activities. 

It has been a challenging six months, but the results have been one of the highest vaccination rates among school districts in the country and what I believe is a safe educational environment despite the circumstances. I thank you all for your cooperation and support. Please contact my office with any questions.



Randall Booker


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