Board Meeting Summary – January 26, 2022

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At its January 26th meeting, the Piedmont Unified Board of Education:

Received COVID Update – Superintendent Booker updated the Board on latest actions throughout the District in regards to COVID as well as changes to PUSD’s outdoor masking requirements. Read full background.

Received 2021 Enrollment Capacity Report – District staff developed an Enrollment/Capacity Study to help determine the appropriate student enrollment capacity at each site. In determining appropriate enrollment levels, factors include: number of appropriately-sized classrooms and contractual class size limits. 

Discussed Administrative Regulation 5111 – Admissions – The Board approved revisions to Administrative Regulation 5111 Admission on October 13, 2021. These revisions included the establishment of birthday cut-off dates for admission to Kindergarten and 1st Grade (in accordance with Education Code): “At the beginning of each school year, the Superintendent or designee shall enroll any otherwise eligible child into Kindergarten only if they will have their fifth birthday on or before September 1 of that year and into First Grade only if they will have their 6th birthday on or before September 1 of that year (Education Code 48000, 48010).” 

Received Governor’s Budget Update – On January 10, 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom released his Proposed State Budget for 2022-23. This is a critical piece of the District’s 2022-23 budget development process. The proposed revenues will be the only information available until May, when the Governor will provide a May Revision. The State Legislature will begin review and deliberation of the proposal and may make changes before final approval of the State budget in June. A summary of the proposal was presented. Read full background.

Approved Revised Administrative Regulation 5141.31 – Immunizations – Throughout the pandemic, the District’s goal remains to keep schools and the community as safe as possible for in-person instruction. The District believes that students benefit exponentially more from an in-person educational experience than an Independent Study Program. Because of this, and our incredibly high vaccination rates, the Superintendent recommended that the Board of Education remove COVID-19 from Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5141.31 until the California Department of Public Health and the State of California adds it to the list of required immunizations as found in Health and Safety Code and/or by Executive Order of the Governor. At this time, the District finds no educational value in transferring vaccine-hesitant students into an Independent Study program with remarkably high vaccination rate across all campuses. The District reached its goal of keeping our schools and community as safe as possible with a vaccination rate of 98% and is extremely proud of the efforts of our families and students to keep our schools open for in-person learning. Read full background.

Approved and Adopted Resolution 20-2021-22 – Praising Piedmont Unified School District Covid-19 Immunization Rate and COVID Vaccine Added to List of Immunizations

Approved Lease Financing To Complete Theater And VRF Projects and Approve and Adopt Resolution 21-2021-22 Piedmont Unified School District Authorizing Execution And Delivery Of A Lease And Sublease Agreement And Related Documents And Actions – The Board considered a Resolution that authorizes the District to enter into a lease-financing to complete the Measure H1 bond program, and to complete the ventilation and climate control upgrades (ventilation refrigerant flow, or VRF) in elementary classrooms. The lease structure is a financing tool that allows school districts to borrow for facilities projects. Read full background

Approved 2020-21 School Accountability Report Cards – In November 1988, California voters passed Proposition 98, also known as The Classroom Instructional Improvement and Accountability Act. This ballot initiative provided California’s public schools with a stable source of funding and also required all public schools in California to prepare School Accountability Report Cards (SARC) and disseminate them to the public. A similar requirement is also contained in the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) are intended to provide the public with important information about each public school conveniently compiled in one report. A variety of formats for SARCs exist. In Piedmont, we use an approved template that begins with general school background information and then reports on a variety of aspects, several of which are aligned with state LCAP priorities. Read full background and find link to individual PUSD school reports here

First Reading, Course Proposal – Film As Literature – Read full background and course proposal

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Next Regular Board Meeting – Wednesday, February 9th, 7:00pm

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