Board Meeting Summary – August 25, 2021

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Board Meeting Summary – August 25, 2021


At its August 25th meeting, the Piedmont Unified Board of Education:


Received Update on PUSD Staff Testing/Vaccination Program – Superintendent Booker provided the Board with an update on the District’s efforts regarding vaccination and testing protocols for staff members.

  • The goal of the program remains ensuring everyone who is eligible for a COVID vaccination is able to get one. This effort is the best way to protect elementary school students not yet eligible for the vaccine, and to protect against future mutations and variants. 
  • As of August 25th, 95% of PUSD staff have provided proof of vaccination. Weekly testing for those not providing proof began this week and will continue every Wednesday (chosen as the most convenient day of week for staff because of early release schedules).  
  • In partnership with the Alameda County Department of Public Health, PUSD is hosting a free Vaccination Clinic on Wednesday, September 1st, at Piedmont Middle School for everyone in the community 12 and over. 

Received Update on First Meeting of Health & Safety Steering CommitteeSupt. Booker provided an overview of the District’s Health & Safety Steering Committees first meeting from that morning. He was struck by the ‘unbelievable amount of expertise’ in the group and looks forward to the amount of input and support the Committee will be able to provide in making important decisions regarding COVID operations. Members of the Committee have committed through the first semester and would be available to attend Board meetings to weigh in on any issues. Good conversation on breakthrough cases and the importance of basing decisions on science – not fear. The Committee offered unilateral support of the District’s outdoor masking requirement. The Committee will hold its second meeting Wednesday, September 8th. 

Held Discussion Regarding Student Vaccines – Earlier today, PUSD grade 6-12 families were sent a request to provide proof of vaccination for their student(s) age 12+. This information will assist District Nurses and staff with contact tracing and potentially mitigate the need for/length of potential quarantines. Of the 1,451 students contacted, as of tonight’s meeting, 417 responses had been received with 353 providing proof of vaccination (reminder that a number of 6th-graders are not yet 12 years old and therefore not eligible). More information will be provided at the next Board meeting. The Culver City School District recently made news for announcing a vaccination mandate for students, but has no policy in place or that has been made public for consideration. There is currently no Ed Code, state or federal law, or case history that covers mandating COVID vaccines for students. The recent FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine for individuals age 16+ is helpful but would still open any agency up for possible litigation. Policy can be drafted mandating student vaccines, or a similar policy as with staff – provide proof of vaccination or undergo weekly testing – but the policy would not be based on anything currently in effect. Board provides direction to begin drafting Board Policy and Administrative Regulation language for a student vaccination mandate for further discussion. 

Approved and Adopted Resolution 06-2021-22 Authorizing The Establishment of Fund 08 Student Activity Special Revenue Fund – Read background information here.

Approved First Reading, Revised Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 1312.3Uniform Complaint Procedures 

Approved First Reading, Revised Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 5141.4 – Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Procedures


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Next Regular Board Meeting – Tuesday, September 14th, 7:00pm

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