Request for Proposal – Wireless Access Point Refresh

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 - Posted in All District News Modernization

Request for Proposals

The Piedmont Unified School District (“District”) is requesting proposals (“Proposal(s)”) from qualified entities (“Firm(s)”) to replace and upgrade the existing wireless access points for the purpose of modernizing its wireless network. The intention of this RFP is to provide qualified vendors with enough information about the project and the specifications to allow them to respond with a solution that they determine best meets those requirements as described herein.

Complete RFP is available here.

Date postedItemDue Date
7/14/2021Wi-Fi Modernization
Proposals due 9/1/2021 by 2:00pm
7/14/2021Required Site Visit8/3/2021 10:00am. Meet outside District Office at 760 Magnolia Ave.
7/14/2021Question Submission to by 12:00pm
7/14/2021Question Responses Posted on website8/13/2021 by 5pm
7/14/2021Proposal Submission to by 2:00pm

Notice.  This is not a request for bids or an offer by the District to contract with any Firm responding to this RFP.  The District reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals.  All materials submitted to the District in response to this RFP shall remain the property of the District.

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