Annual Registration opens Thursday, August 1st

Monday, July 29th, 2019 - Posted in All District News

All students’ families should complete the Annual Registration process.  Annual Registration collects updated information, provides important notices and facilitates donations in an simple mechanism.  Watch for email, text and letter communications on August 1st announcing Annual Registration is open for the 2019-20 school year!

Annual Registration begins in Infinite Campus August 1st

  • Elementary school families who update their IC Information before August 9th will receive an email on the afternoon of August 9th with their student’s classroom teacher assignment for 2019-20.
  • PMS and PHS  families will need to complete Annual Registration in order to pick a time slot for in-person “Walk-Through”.

Secondary Student Walk Through is Monday, August 12th

Secondary students must attend Walk Through Registration to pick-up schedules, textbooks, ID cards, and chromebooks. Families must complete Annual Registration tasks prior to attending Walk Through Registration.

New Look and Features

You will notice new looks and functionality going through the two sites for Annual Registration this year.  Take a moment to get familiar with:

These updates will not only allow you to get set up for the year, they also make it easier for families to know who to contact for help for each item. As a bonus, these updates also simplify the reporting and management process for both the school district and PEF, allowing us more time to focus on your children’s education.

More about the new “Fees” module

As in prior years, PUSD asks all parents to complete the online Annual Registration process to collect updated information, provide important notices and facilitate donations in a simple mechanism. This year, parents do not need to leave Infinite Campus to contribute to classroom and school items, including PE uniforms, classroom supplies, athletics funds, yearbooks, planners, activity cards, food service and more. All of the items previously found on the old have been moved to Infinite Campus in a new section called “Fees”.  The interface may not be as visually stimulating, but there are several advantages for the schools:

  • Families are already using Infinite Campus for Food Service- one less payment system to learn!
  • Multiple students can be processed in one cart- an improvement over the old store!
  • Funds are available quickly to the school so we can pay bills more timely.
  • A secure processing system means no school employees can see your credit card information. 
  • Items are associated with the student making it easy to apply specific funding requests by course, grade-level, school or group.
  • Large ticket items can be setup in installment payments paid over time!
  • PEF, parent club and support group items, along with swag and some events will be found on a redesigned! 


The module is called “Fees” but most of the items we place there are tax-deductible donations to support the school programs.  These can include a lab fee donation for a science course, or a donation to underwrite the cost of athletic coaches stipends.  No student will be turned away or have their grade affected for not having paid donation “fees”! Some items are “purchases” and are required to receive the product.  These include yearbooks or AP exam fees. Failure to purchase these items will not affect the classroom experience or student grades, but the student won’t receive the item either.  All items in the Fees module are labeled if they are donations and can be claimed as tax deductions!  

Fees can be found in the Fees module in Infinite Campus portal for each secondary student.  A few optional items, not assigned (such as program donations or replacement chromebook chargers), are available in Optional Purchases in My Account.  A handful of large purchases can be paid over time in the Recurring Payments area in My Account.  

After completing tasks in Infinite Campus, continue to the redesigned There you can join the Parents’ Clubs at each school, sign up for student directories, contribute to teacher gifts, field trips and more, and purchase school spirit wear for all their children in one session. Also on, parents and community members can get Educational Speaker Series memberships, learn more about Scrip and Dress Best for Less, and donate to the Support Groups that enhance programs and experiences for the students of Piedmont schools.


We expect hiccups with changes such as this!  This is new for families and the schools. Please bear with us as we iterate to create the best experience we can for you!

Detailed descriptions of how to use the features in the “Fees” module can be found here

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