District Presents Designs for New High School STEAM Building and New Alan Harvey Theater

Friday, September 29th, 2017 - Posted in All District News District Communications

Less than one year ago, on November 8, 2016, the Piedmont community approved Measure H1, authorizing $66 million in bonds to modernize school facilities. Since then, the District has been working with HKIT Architects to develop concept designs for a new STEAM building and new Alan Harvey Theater. Starting in April 2017, the District held a series of community town hall meetings, and meetings with educators, staff, and students, to discuss various options for the new high school buildings. The District also had a feedback form on its website, for those who were unable to attend one of the meetings to provide input in person. Over the past several months, hundreds of community members, educators, and students have participated in these meetings and provided input in the design process.

On September 27, HKIT presented schematic designs for the two buildings, including floor plans and exterior elevations, which reflect the broad input received. HKIT’s complete presentation can be viewed at measureh1.org.

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HKIT’s designs are intended to:
• honor Piedmont’s history and fit within the context of the Magnolia Campus, and
• create a forward-thinking school that will itself be a tool for teaching about energy production, use, and conservation.

Accordingly, the Magnolia side of these buildings reflects many of the design elements of the original PHS and the current elementary schools. The Quad side of the STEAM building has a more contemporary design that features the photovoltaic panels (solar panels) that will both power and shade the building. The schematic designs are still in development, but the District is inviting public review now, before the designs are finalized and submitted for State approval.

Announcing the schematic designs, Superintendent Randall Booker said, “HKIT did a fantastic job! They preserved the Spanish Architecture from both the original high school and Havens Elementary, while incorporating 21st century building systems to produce a zero-net-energy building.” He added, “HKIT incorporated input from our community and from teachers and staff, and I’m really thrilled with their process as well as their designs. We are now a giant step closer to modernizing labs and infrastructure, to support robust STEAM education now and in the future.”

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HKIT’s schematic designs and other information about the Measure H1 bond program can be found at measureh1.org.

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