School Board Approves School Safety Plans

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 - Posted in All District News District Communications

In accordance with Education Code sections 32280-32289 the District submitted its comprehensive school safety plans for Board approval at the June 28th School Board meeting.  

 The following are some of the key elements that the Safe School Plan covers:

  • Fire drills conducted each month at every campus “evacuate the building”
  • Earthquake drill conducted annually at every campus “drop, cover and hold”.  This drill also includes the practicing of the Incident Command Center  system where every PUSD staff member is assigned a job in one of the following categories: 1. Command, 2. Search and Rescue, 3. Site Security, 4. First Aid, 5. Supervision & Assembly, 6. Student Release
  • Lockdown and reverse lockdown drills conducted annually at each campus.
  • After staff was professionally trained by our security consultant, we conducted our first lockdown drills at each campus this last school year.
  • With funding from the H1 Bond Measure, we will finish installing wireless, electronic locks on every exterior door in the district, giving us the ability to lock each campus down in an instant.  In the case of PHS/MHS and PMS the wireless locks are connected and will lock down the entire Magnolia corridor with a swipe of a card key.
  • Shelter in place drill conducted annually at every campus.

Our intent will be to continually refine and update the Safe Schools plan via feedback after our drills from students,staff, City and the Community. (Each site has its own safety committee that meets on a quarterly basis and conducts table top emergency exercises)

Other key elements of the Safe School Plan:

  • Calypso intercom system- allows the superintendent or any site principal to make emergency announcements via their cell phone at each campus or district wide.  Referred to as the “emergency all call
  • Introduced the PUSD online training platform where new staff/substitutes can review our emergency protocol/drills and be tested on it for accountability.
  • PPD has conducted several “live” active shooter exercises within PHS and at Wildwood Schools including a recent collaborative effort with PFD
  • Use of PUSD’s infinite campus system to automatically send text/e-mails and use the City’s AC Alert system in case of an emergency
  • Child Abuse reporting
  • Discrimination, hate motivated incidents, hate crimes, hazing, harassment, including sexual harassment, intimidation bullying cyberbullying (PUSD Admin Regulation AR 5145.3)
  • Procedures for safe ingress and egress
  • Emergency response actions
  • Emergency procedures (feedback and review via the PHS Wellness Center): including suicide prevention, bomb threats, fire in surrounding area, chemical spill, riots, animal disturbance, motor vehicle accident etc..
  • Detailed procedures regarding the Incident Command Center. District Emergency Operations Center (EOC), coordination with the City EOC and the Red Cross
  • All PUSD admin staff are equipped with 2 way radios for communication in the event of an emergency with power outage.
  • All PUSD maintenance staff including myself are HAM radio operators and carry portable HAM radios.  Every 2nd Wed of the month each of us call into the Alameda School Net, part of the Alameda County Emergency Services Dept.
  • Emergency supplies: AS of Spring break of this year, each campus is now equipped with 25yr shelf life emergency water for every staff member and student to go for several days. 7 yr shelf life emergency food, mylar sleeping bags, tarps and solar lanter

The complete Safe Schools Plans are available for viewing in the District Office.

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