Technology Plan Feedback

Monday, January 9th, 2017 - Posted in District Communications

Piedmont has developed a new three year strategic plan for the use of technology.  This revised instructional technology plan is the result of discussion, learning, and collaboration among administrators, staff, community stakeholders and students. It is informed by district strategic plans, our LCAP, and national and state level plans. It represents a blueprint for instructional technology activities in PUSD for the next three years.

Through interviews, discussions and reflection, a 21st century school district and its supporting technology was envisioned.  This plan describes the three overarching goals that we believe will steer us towards that vision, and highlights action item stepping stones.  We are looking for comments and questions on the latest draft.

Instructional Technology Plan 2017-20 DRAFT

Plan Development Website


By 2020 the entire PUSD community will be proud to work, live, support and learn in schools that provide students with the foundation and the resources to become responsible citizens in the 21st century.

Technology is key in developing skilled 21st century citizens and in supporting student academic achievement.  With technology

  • PUSD learners will use technology in learning experiences that prepare them to be active, knowledgeable and ethical 21st century citizens in our globally connected society.
  • PUSD will support innovative 21st century learning environments with robust systems – support, infrastructure, tools, cultural
  • PUSD staff will confidently use 21st century technology skills and competencies to effectively accomplish their work.

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