H1 Facilities Bond Citizen’s Oversight Committee – Application Process

Thursday, December 8th, 2016 - Posted in Bond Updates District Communications

The Piedmont Unified School District is soliciting applications for the H1 Facilities Bond Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC).

Measure H1 was passed under the rules of Proposition 39, which directs that the Board of Trustees appoint an independent Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) to monitor bond expenditures. As provided in Education Code Section 15278, the role for the COC is to provide oversight of the District’s use of Measure H1 Bond proceeds and report to the Board and public on their findings.  Specifically, the COC will ensure that all funds are used in support of the projects included in the bond measure and not for unspecified projects or general operating expenses.

The 12-member COC is comprised of individuals from local businesses, senior citizen organizations, organizations involved with schools, a tax payers’ organization, legal, technical, and financial advisors, as well as involved parents of children residing in the Piedmont Unified School District. The COC will meet quarterly at a minimum. Members must be able to serve up to a two-year term.

The COC will also review the annual independent audits that are required of general obligation bond funds, make physical inspections of bond program projects during construction, review related District documents to gather information for the preparation of reports to the community, and report to the Board of Education annually on the activities of the committee.

Application Process:

A Citizen’s Oversight Committee (COC) application may be submitted for consideration using the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/9uTQnDWST465THCE2

The President and Vice President of the PUSD Board of Education will select participants from the pool of applicants. Applications are due by January 18, 2017.

The application process and selection timeline will be announced at the December 8th Budget Advisory Committee Meeting, the December 14th and January 11th Board of Education meetings, and the school bulletins. It will also be posted on the District Website.

The first COC meeting will occur in early February of 2017.

If the public has any questions, please contact Randall Booker, Superintendent at 510.594.2614 or rbooker@piedmont.k12.ca.us

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