Letter from Superintendent Booker on Release of Student Information

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 - Posted in All District News

In an email I sent on February 20th, I explained that the California Department of Education (CDE) was under court orders to release data it had collected on some 10 million current and former public school students in California.

The court has now ruled that the CDE will not have to release confidential data. Instead, the plaintiffs in the case (Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association and the Concerned Parent Association v. California Department of Education) will be able to submit data queries to the CDE, and the CDE will be able to respond without providing personally identifiable information unless the plaintiffs’ attorneys can demonstrate that the information will be stored securely.
At a hearing on the matter, the judge noted that she had received “voluminous” numbers of objection forms from parents and students concerned about the possible release of confidential student information. Those forms will be included in the court’s official documentation. If you would still like to submit an objection to the original order, the court will be accepting forms until April 1, 2016. You can find the forms here.
I hope this eases the minds of families who were concerned about this release. We will continue to let you know of any changes in this situation as they develop.
Randall Booker


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