District School-Home Communications Procedures

Thursday, August 25th, 2011 - Posted in All District News District Communications

Starting August 2012, school bulletins will contain school-site news and announcements only.

The Piedmont Portal Community Bulletin (“CB”) will publish community announcements and information of interest to the broader K-12 parent community.   The CB is a joint project of the Piedmont Educational Foundation and the parent clubs, and is not produced or distributed by the schools.  To subscribe to the CB, please click here: contactus@piedmontportal.org

If you have a school-site-related event or announcement, please submit it directly to the Principal (if you are a teacher or administrator) or Parent Club President (if you are a parent volunteer) at your school.

If you have a community announcement of interest to the broader K-12 parent community, please submit it to the CB at contactus@piedmontportal.org  Please note that announcements about school fundraisers, including fundraisers by parent clubs and organizations that support the schools, will be forwarded to the Fundraising Office for review and approval before publication in the CB.

Please note that the schools accept flyers for posting or distribution only if the flyer contains school-site news and announcements.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Only material shown on this official Piedmont Unified School District web site is approved by the District. The District is not responsible for information placed on other web sites not established by the District that may relate to our schools or students.