Frequently Asked Questions about Measure E

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 - Posted in District Communications

Click here to download a PDF which answers Frequently Asked Questions by the Piedmont community about the Measure E Bond.

Topics include:

1. Who are the consultants currently working on each project and their respective responsibilities in ensuring the successful implementation of the Measure E construction?

2. What is the chronology of work completed to-date on the Measure E Seismic Strengthening Program?

3. Now that the engineering investigation, analysis, and design schematic work is complete, what are the program budget, component project budgets, and funding sources for each project?

4. What is the proposed project sequencing and construction time-line for each project?

5. In the current economy, will the District have enough funds to complete all of the identified work?

6. Where are we in the application process for State funds for each project?

7. Given the project sequencing, what do consultants suggest the District consider in developing an Interim Portable Plan to implement the Measure E construction program?

8. What is the tentative timeframe for making decisions on the Interim Portable Plans?

9. At the December 10, 2008 meeting, what did the Board direct staff to do?

10. Once viable locations have been identified, what are the next steps for implementing the plan?

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