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Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Piedmont Unified School District students are compassionate leaders and courageous problem-solvers, ready to take on challenges and make a difference in a complex and interconnected world. 


PUSD provides all students with an excellent education and opportunities for personal growth, delivered by skilled, diverse and well-supported staff in an inclusive and inspiring school community.

Core Values

Our district embraces these core values in educational practice and operational strategy:


 We elevate honesty and ethics as the centerpiece of all that we do.

   Academic Excellence

   We provide outstanding academic content that paves the way for students to achieve mastery of core academic subjects, literacy in media and technology, and cultural competency in preparation for college, careers, and a future of their own design.

CourageWe promote resilience, diligent work, and taking action - even when doing so may be difficult.

EquityWe foster a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment where individuals are nurtured, where barriers to success are eliminated, and where everyone has the opportunity to collaborate with others and reach their potential free from racism and other forms of inherent bias. We model compassion and respect for other perspectives. 

CuriosityWe create opportunities for students to ask questions, identify current and future problems, explore their interests and talents, innovate, and find joy in life-long learning.