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Inter-District Transfers

Inter-District Transfer permits (IDTs) are required for students residing outside of Piedmont City limits, who wish to attend a school in Piedmont Unified School District.

Piedmont Unified schools shall be operated for the benefit of children residing in the district with such exceptions as are permitted by law and District policy. The Board of Education may enter into inter-district transfer agreements with other school districts regarding the enrollment of non-resident students when specific ‘Categories of Eligible Non-resident Students’ and ‘Limitations of Inter-district Transfer’ conditions are met as defined in Board Policy and Administrative Regulations.  Please see  BP/AR 5117 for specific priority categories and limitations.

2023-24 Inter-district Transfers

All Spaces have been filled. updated August 25, 2023

District of Residence Approved Applications for the 2024-25 school year will be accepted in the Superintendent's Office after March 1, 2024


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Inter-District Transfer Priorities

Inter-District permit requests are approved based on space availability and the following priorities in BP/AR 5117:

1st Priority: Parents Constructing or Remodeling a Home in Piedmont

2nd Priority: High School Juniors and Seniors Who Have Moved Out of the District

3rd Priority: Children of Piedmont Unified School District Employees

4th Priority: Children of the City of Piedmont Government Employees

5th Priority: Children of the Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) Director

6th Priority: Children Residing on Calvert Court and Oakland Parcels on Somerset Road

7th Priority: Residences on Approved Split Parcel Properties with any portion of the residence on the Piedmont Parcel

8th Priority: GrandParent – Grandchild of an Individual(s) who lives within the boundaries of PUSD

9th Priority: Approved Split Parcels with Oakland Address and Adjoining Minor Piedmont Parcel

10th Priority: All Other Applicants

Inter-District Transfer Process

  1. Obtain an Inter-District Transfer Application from your District of Residence (Alameda County residents can use this application).
  2. Submit the Application to your District of Residence for approval.
  3. If approved by your District of Residence, FORWARD the application (with approval signature) to  for consideration. DO NOT COMPLETE the on-line enrollment application.
  4. Applications on file are considered for spaces based on the priorities set forth by AR 5117, by mid-June.
  5. Final Decisions on applications are on made within 14 day AFTER the start of instruction, in accordance with Education Code 46600.1
  6. PUSD approved Inter-District Transfer Applications require renewal when transitioning to 6th grade and 9th grade.

Intra-district Transfers

Intra-district transfers in Piedmont may take place between the three elementary schools and also between the Piedmont High School and Millennium High School. At the elementary level, a Request Form for Intra-District Transfer is available from  the school Principal’s office. The form should be completed and returned to the school principal’s office that serves the zone in which the student lives. For intra-district transfers at the high school level, please contact the site administrator.

The Board of Education has the authority to maintain appropriate racial and ethnic balances among district schools and shall take such balances into account in approving or denying intra-district transfer applications.

A student may be assigned to a school or program if the student requires a legally mandated program or accommodation which is available at that school or program. A student may be assigned to a school or program for disciplinary reasons or for the protection of the health and safety of that student or other students or employees of the district.