Welcome to Wildwood Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is an exciting year with many interesting projects and a packed curriculum.

In fifth grade students are assigned their own PUSD local network Gmail account. These student accounts will follow them all the way through high school. They are for internal use only and will not link to any outside Gmail accounts. These accounts are part of a closed loop, accessible to only their teachers and peers. These accounts allow students to collaborate constructively on tasks and for teachers to monitor, assess, and give feedback to student work.

Part of our mission is to educate students about the appropriate and safe use of email and the internet. To that end, students are required to sign and agree to a PUSD Acceptable Use Policy.

For information on student PUSD gmail accounts, click link below:

Student PUSD gmail accounts

Salt Dough recipe and directions

NGSS 5th Grade Evidence Statements 

For required field trip forms for parent volunteers, click on the links below:

Also required:
Proof of Insurance and copy of Driver’s License need to be on file in the Wildwood office.
                A signed Chaperone form
For information on field trips, click link below: