The Basics
Piedmont is implementing a new art program this school year taught by credentialed art teachers. Students will enjoy 24 art lessons aligned with national and state educational frameworks in grade level curricular areas as well as art. Look forward to hearing more about the program during the year and at the spring art show!

The Details
The elementary art program in Piedmont is generously funded by PEF (Piedmont Education Foundation) and PAINTS grants. Contact your child’s classroom teacher to find out information on how to volunteer and which days to help your child dress for the beautiful mess in art class.

Your Teachers

K-1: Katherine Thompson
Katherine has been creating art since childhood. Early interests included writing and illustrating handmade books and learning all about clay making mud pies with cousins. Katherine has a BFA in graphic design and is a credentialed classroom and art teacher. In her art room, Katherine strives to provide opportunities for children to develop their creative process through experimentation and purposeful play.

2-3: Tracy Broback
Tracy is thrilled to be combining her personal and professional passions by teaching art this year! Tracy graduated from Cal with a degree in psychology and as many art electives as she could fit. Tracy holds multiple subject and art credentials and a masters degree in teacher leadership. Tracy looks forward to fostering a meaningful, personal art practice in her students this year.

4-5: Larraine Seiden
Larraine is passionate about growing kids’ creative confidence! You may know her from Piedmont Makers, PAINTS, and Piedmont Rec. She’s an exhibiting studio artist, who holds an art teaching credential, along with a BA in art and an MS in art and design education from Pratt Institute. She is excited to join the tri­school art team and can’t wait to get to work with her fourth and fifth grade artists!

Our Frameworks
National Visual Arts Standard
The National Core Arts Standards for the Visual Arts lead us to the four artistic processes which will guide our major themes for this year: Creating, Responding, Presenting and Connecting. We will work on all four processes with every activity we do but will use one process to frame our guiding question for each trimester and our year end reflection. We look forward to making learning visible to students and the community through our K­5 “Thinking Walls.”

Studio Habits of Mind
The Studio Habits of Mind outline the thinking skills present in the art studio that also support engagement and success in other areas of school, family, and community life. They are: Develop Craft, Engage & Persist, Envision, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch & Explore, and Understand Art Worlds. We look forward to providing the types of experiences which will foster these skills in the art studio and beyond.

California Arts Standards
In addition to national standards, California also has an educational framework which outlines the types of art skills we want to develop in our students and articulates those through every grade level from kindergarten through twelfth grade. We will use the California Arts Standards to guide our lesson development for our K­1, 2­3, and 4­5 grade level bands.

Behavior Expectations
Be Nice. Work Hard.