About Wildwood Library

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Closed on Monday and Friday.  Parents are invited to  come after 3:00.  Morning kindergarten parents can come at 12:00.

Open for recess:

Staff:  Christine Hanson – Teacher Librarian

Debbie Rego – Library Assistant

Contact: direct phone line: 594-2714    voice mail: 594-2741

email: Christine Hanson

Wildwood School enjoys a beautiful library built in 1998. Our collection includes 14,000 volumes including audio books, CDs, DVD’s, videos and eBooks. Students learn to access information using the computer catalog or via the internet. Our website is

http://piedmont.follettdestiny.com  Choose Wildwood

Literacy and information literacy skills are strengthened and extended by our library program. The library is staffed by a half time teacher-librarian who meets weekly with all classes to promote a love of books and to provide an integrated program relating library standards and curricular standards. The library is supported by a half-time library assistant. An extensive collection that serves as a community and faculty resource is maintained. The library program consists of four components:

Parent volunteers are an important element of our school library program. They help to staff the library during class visits, research projects, recesses and lunch.  5th grade students can also volunteer in the library.