Attendance and School Visitors

Daily Attendance: 

Regular attendance is of the utmost importance for any student’s educational development.  Parents frequently ask us to distinguish between excused and unexcused absences.  California education code distinguishes between illness and absences that are reported by parents guardians as excused and those where no reason is given as unexcused.  From a classroom community perspective all absences are just that; an absence.  We love having healthy students in school whenever possible.

If it is necessary for your child to miss school for an illness or any other reason, please phone the attendance line (510) 594-2719 between 8:00-8:45am on the morning of each day of absence. Parents are requested to schedule medical and dental appointments after school or on weekends whenever possible.


Arrival Times:

In order to assure that classes begin promptly, we ask that all children arrive at school on time. There is no supervision on the lower  playground before or after school. Your child should arrive no earlier than five (5) minutes before their scheduled bell. Anyone needing to arrive earlier should be enrolled in the Schoolmates program. 


If your child must leave school during the day due to illness, medical appointment, or other event, please arrange to meet your child in the school office.

SIGN-IN – State Law requires that you sign in at the office when coming to school for any purpose (including volunteering) during the school day.

SIGN-OUT- Please sign your children out at the office if they leave for any reason during the school day.  Adults that visit campus during the school day must sign out when they are ready to leave campus.



Messages for Students:

While we recognize that there will be times when urgent messages will need to be delivered we ask that you partner with us in limiting interruptions to instructional time in the classroom. We ask that all play date arrangements be made outside of school.



If your child is absent for more than one day, please email the teacher to arrange for missed work. Please note that teachers are not always able to have homework ready at the close of school on the day the request is made.


Full attendance is encouraged. In recent years our overall attendance has dropped and this decrease affects  State funding in an ongoing way. Early pickups for weekend trips have also increased. While we recognize the importance of family time, we ask that each family please consider the overall impact of missed class time for their students and for the school community. Should your child need to leave early, recess and lunch provide natural break periods and reduce classroom interruptions. Requests for classroom work and/ or independent study contracts should be made at least 1 week in advance of the planned departure.

Independent Study:

Short term independent study contracts are available for those students who will be absent for 5 consecutive school days or more. Contracts should be requested at least one week in advance and parents will need to meet with the classroom teacher to complete the necessary forms. All work MUST be returned when the student returns to school in order for the District to apply for state funding. We lose approximately $35 per day for every day a student is absent. If your child will be absent and is not completing an independent study and you’re interested in making a donation to cover this loss, checks may be made payable to Piedmont Unified School District and delivered to the school or district office.