Welcome to Wildwood!

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year!

Wildwood Elementary  is a special place where children, educators, parents and community members come together as a school community. Teacher Specialists in Art, Library, Math, Music, PE, Reading,  Science, and Technology, Classroom Paraeducators, Administrative and Custodial Staff help enrich our offerings and work closely with our dedicated classroom and special education teachers to provide a comprehensive elementary program for all students.  Recognizing the need to differentiate to meet the needs of individual students, we strive to provide quality instruction that promotes creative and critical thinking in a safe, nurturing environment. These are exciting times in education. Common Core Standards  challenge us  to strengthen student’s depth of knowledge  and technology innovations  help prepare our students for the global world in which they live.   We look forward to our work together this year.


Carol Cramer
Wildwood Elementary School