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On behalf of all the Parents Club members, I invite you to get involved and keep abreast of what’s happening both at the school and in your child’s classroom

Our PMS parent club board meetings (8:30am on 1st or 2nd Friday of the month in Room 201) are open to the entire parent community, and provide a quick, efficient way to hear from the school administrators as well as other parents who oversee various key volunteer functions. They are meant to be fun, socially interesting, and informative.  

The best way to stay up to date on what’s happening at PMS is to read the school’s weekly bulletin.  There are important dates, announcements and information in the bulletin and it is the best way to stay informed.

I encourage you to join the PMS Parents’ Club.  One perk of membership is the indispensable Student Directory–which only members can receive– but the importance of joining is much more significant than that.  Having a large, organized parent community is fundamental to PMS being the finest school it can be.  Membership Dues are $65 per year. For membership information, please contact parent Cory Smegal at

Please email me with any questions, concerns, complaints, or any feedback.  I need your two cents to make PMS the best it can be!

All the best to you and your child,

Vicky O’Bresly
PMS Parents Club President 2015-16


Visit us online at