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November 5, 2010

Dear PMS Families,

In recent weeks, PMS has experienced an increase in students who are habitually tardy as well as students who cut class.  As educators, we take our obligation very seriously to confront these offenses appropriately and effectively.  Because experience shows that suspending students for these violations is counter-productive, the school has chosen to use lunch and/or after-school detentions as consequences for these infractions.  Unfortunately, these consequences— even when incorporated with warnings, counseling, parent conferences, coverage during grade assemblies, etc.—are currently failing to make an adequate impression on certain students.  It is time to try something new.

Commencing in November, PMS will initiate Saturday Detention School–a four-hour session from 8:00am to 12noon–as a consequence for truancy in lieu of suspension.  We hope that this program will deter students from being habitually tardy or from cutting class by producing an effective “disincentive” for students.  The following students will be required to attend Saturday Detention School:

Students will be assigned to a four-hour session from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., and will be supervised by a certificated staff member.  The student’s family will be responsible for any necessary transportation.  Failure to attend an assigned Saturday Detention School session will result in two Saturday Detention School sessions.  Both student and parent will be notified of the assigned Saturday.  Students will be assigned either academic work or work around campus or in classrooms. Students who fail to attend, when assigned, may be suspended from school.  The terms are non-negotiable.  In other words, students must attend Saturday Detention School on the assigned day.  Parent support around complying with terms, including attendance on the assigned day, is crucial to effecting change in student behavior.  All school rules apply to the student’s presence on campus.  Any disruptive and/or defiant behavior will result in dismissal from Saturday Detention School and subsequent suspension.

This program is under construction and students and parents will be kept informed as it evolves.  Please feel free to contact Dan Bonnin if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns.

Yours truly,

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