Databases and eBooks


worldbook_web – online encyclopedia for general reference.



ehost150– provides access full-text articles for over 500 magazines and newspapers of interest to students and the general public.



– a periodical and reference database with newspapers, magazines, audio, video, images and maps for all content areas.


ovic-web– a database of reference content, newspapers, magazines, audio, video, images and maps for all content areas.


scic-web – a science database of reference content, newspapers, magazines, journals, videos, podcasts, audio and images.



– a database of articles, images, and primary source documents about the significant events and people in American history.





– a database of articles, and images about the significant events and people in ancient and medieval times.



– a database focusing on issues such as nutrition, healthy lifestyle and preteen and adolescent concerns.



– a suite of subscription databases, including  Discovery Streaming and BrainPOP.

–  BrainPOP – animated short videos on a variety of topics





California-sponsored Resources

The following resources were purchased for use by California K-12 students.  Visit the California State Library to learn more about this collaborative project. You can also read more about Britannica’s and Proquest’s collaboration with California, plus sign up for tutorials to learn how to use them. You will need to login when off campus.


B_school Logo.jpgBritannica School – Online encyclopedia for general reference.  Escolar – Online encyclopedia for general research in Spanish.


SIRS_Discoverer_Icon.png SIRS Discoverer – Selected content for novice researchers, especially elementary and middle school students and educators.

IR_square-logo.png SIRS Issues Researcher – Curriculum-aligned database of content organized by complex issues, ideally for middle and high school students and educators.

CultureGrams-70px.png CultureGrams – Concise cultural information on countries around the world.

elibrarythumb2.jpg eLibrary – General reference aggregation of periodical and digital media content with editorial guidance for novice researchers.  Two unique interfaces available.

SchoolEduc_eBooks_thumbnaillogo.jpgSchool & Educators Complete (eBooks!) – eBook subscription database (over 12,000 titles) to support multiple subject areas (English Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Information Literacy and Technology).


teachingbooks-logo-bookmark-small.png TeachingBooks – Connect books with author interviews, readings, videos, lessons, and so much more! Take a brief video tour of this resource.



Destiny Discoverer link allows you to download to your computer or read online. Download the Destiny Discover app for your eReader and connect to our collection  Login with SSO (your Google login).



  – Gale eBooks on a variety of science and history topics.




.Colonial America searchable eBook.



Sharpe – An Encyclopedia of Social, Political, Cultural, and Economic History.

Updated 8/24/18