War on Waste

War on Waste Note Taking Guide – (this will either be shared through Schoology or students will make a copy)

Key Terms:  clothing industry, fast fashion, ethical clothing, vintage clothing, food waste, single use plastic, composting, industrial food waste, fertilizers, wasted food, food industry, recycling, footwear industry, pollution, waste, regulation, ban, environment, straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles, biodegradable products, bioplastics, biogas, law and legislation, zero-waste


SIRS Discoverer – search key terms like – fast fashion, single use plastics, food waste

EBSCOHost – search key terms like clothing waste solution

Gale Student Resources

Gale Science

Gale Opposing Viewpoints

SIRS Issues Researcher


OPAC – select “Resource Lists” on the left side then scroll down to “War on Waste,” or search with key terms.


Food Waste:

RedFed: Food Waste is a Solvable Problem (website)

Europe Unleashes full-Scale War on Food Waste (article)

EPA Reducing Wasted Food

FEEDBACK – Non-profit fighting food waste (website)

K-12 School Food Recovery Program (website)

How Oakland Schools are reducing food waste (article) OAKLAND

The World Wastes Tons of Food. A Grocery ‘Happy Hour’ Is One Answer. -NYTimes 2019


Plastic Waste:

Dutch boy invents way to capture ocean plastic (article and links) plastics in the ocean

Seaweed pouches will replace thousands of plastic bottles at the London marathon – replace plastic bottles with other things that are renewable

4 ways to curb our plastic addiction (article with links)

How Plastic-Eating Bacteria works (article)



Clothing Waste:

5 Innovations that could make fashion more sustainable (Article) – site uses cookies (not sure we should include.

Fast Fashion:  Inside the Fight to End the Silence on Waste (article)

San Francisco’s Zero Waste Fashion Initiative (article)

Fashion Revolution Organization


One source to help assess authority for websites found with a search engine is Media Bias/Fact Check.

Last Updated: 2/7/20