TED under 20 – Talks from scientists, musicians, innovators — all in their teens.

Flocabulary – Public Speaking

Finding a Topic:

Speeches Topic Search – Before coming to the library, spend some time searching for topics in our databases.

Library Catalog (OPAC) – do a subject search on a topic of interest to see what is available to help narrow the focus.

Note Taking:

Make a copy of the Speeches Research document and rename – “Speeches Research – Last Name.”

NOTETAKING 2017  Make a copy of This Document and rename - “Speeches Research – Last Name.”


Britannica School – Online encyclopedia for general reference.

World Book Online – for quick background on your topic

SIRS Discoverer  – a periodical database for students (easier to read)

Gale - Opposing Viewpoints

 SIRS Issues Researcher –Pros and cons on 360+ (and growing) complex social issues with relevant, credible information that tells the whole story on the major questions of the day.

Gale – Student Resources in Context


Teen Health & Wellness – features health related articles and self-help tools

ed1stop – “School Help” tab- use BrainPOP or Discovery Streaming for videos on your topic


Library Catalog (OPAC)


Flocabulary – Source Evaluation

BrainPOP  -  finding quality information using “Online Sources

Use our Accuracy & Credibility Assessment to evaluate the source for yourself.

Sweet Search –  If you are using a search engine to find a website, it is always a good idea to use our Accuracy & Credibility Assessment to help determine if it is a reliable source.

Last updated: 12/20/18