For the Rock and Scroll Time Travel Landform Project, you will be expected to explain how your landform came to be and to predict what may happen to this landform in the future.   The resources listed below will help you understand the plate tectonics and weathering involved in the formation of specific landforms:

Encyclopedias and Reference Books:

World Book Encyclopedia (online at ed1stop)

 UXL Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic Features (R/551.41) (click for online version)  Type in usual password only.  Click on Environment, then on UXL Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic Features.

Raintree  Illustrated Science Encyclopedia (R/503)

The New Book of Popular Science (R/500) (online at ed1stop:  Grolier’s)

Books:  Search OPAC.   Use subject terms such as geology, landforms, caves, canyons, volcanoes, etc. or the name of  your specific landform (Mount Shasta).

Video Clips:  ed1stopSchool Help–BrainPop and Discovery Streaming OR My Computer–G drive–Video Clips–Science 6–Landforms (already downloaded)


National Park Service (Type name of National Park or Monument in Search box; then click on Nature & Science section and look for words like geology or geologic formation.)

USGS:  What Is Plate Tectonics? (for beginners)

This Dynamic Earth  (For the Great Rift Valley, click on Understanding Plate Motions and then scroll down in the section on Divergent Boundaries until you see East Africa.)

 USGS Geology of the National Parks

USGS Geology in the Parks (some different information from one above)

Earth from Space

Volcano World (Click on Learn More.)

Subscription Databases:  SIRS Discoverer and EBSCOHost.


updated 5/12/10