Greek Debates


One person in your group should create an Easybib Project; call it Greek Debates and then SHARE it with the other people in your group.

Everything can be cited in Easybib. Some things you will enter titles and Easybib will automatically cite for you, some things you will cite manually filling in the blanks, some databases automatically link to Easybib and some things create ready-made citations that you will copy and paste via “All 59 Options” and “Write/Paste citation.”

Digital Note Taking Form – If you are taking notes digitally, one person from your group will need to make a copy of this document, rename it and share it with the members of your team.

Begin your research here.


Encyclopedias (in the Reference Room and online)

World Book Encyclopedia (print) or World Book Online

Ancient Civilizations (R930/A541)

Exploring Ancient Civilizations (R930/E96)

Ancient Greece and Rome (R938/A541)


Search the OPAC.

Browse the shelves using the Dewey Decimal Classification number:

Greece  938

Subscription Databases:

See planner or posters in the library for database login information.

*ABC CLIO: World History, Ancient and Medieval Eras:

Log in, click on the Eras tab at the top of the page, Find Ancient Greece, or search in the Quick Search bar BUT if you do that remember that information about many cultures and times may show up, so be a careful reader.


School Help: Discovery Streaming videos and BrainPop animations

*SIRS Discoverer:

Do a subject search. In the Search box type the your search term: Ancient Greece, Sparta, Socrates. If nothing comes up with a subject search, try a keyword search.


Select EBSCOHost Web. In the Search box type the your search term: Ancient Greece, Sparta, Socrates. In the Publications box, type Calliope.

* = these databases link to EasyBib directly


The British Museum:  Ancient Greece

Odyssey Online: Greece

Digital Archive of Architecture: Greek Architecture

Checking for Accuracy and Credibility: Use this guide when independently searching the web for resources.

SweetSearch – A search engine for students (Every website in SweetSearch has been evaluated by research experts.)

Last Update:  5/5/16