Geologic Time


Geologic Time Scale by Mr. Parr (music- Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake)

Earth’s History – Flocabulary (may require teacher sign in)

How Common are Mass Extinctions – TED Ed

Note Taking Guide:  If your teacher has not already shared this document with you, please make a copy, rename the document, and save into your Science 8 folder.


Subscription Databases:

World Book Onlineuse either Student or Advanced (student will likely have shorter, easier to read articles).

Gale Science

Gale Student Resoures – includes articles on many of the time segments that are easier reading levels.

Useful Websites:

Encyclopedia Britannica

University of California Museum of Paleontology – Geologic Time Scale  –  Select hyperlink for your segment for more details (not all time segments included).