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Unsung Heroes List


Project Note Taking Guide: Open your email in another tab. Come back to this page and click the link. Make a copy and rename. Share with your partner(s).  Begin taking notes (Read, Think, Write!).

Project Note Taking Guide (with parenthetical citations) & Parenthetical Citations Guidelines: Parenthetical citations of print resources are simply the last name of the author and the page number (Roberstshaw 3), but other types of resources might have a different format. Use this link to see how to parenthetically cite different types of resources.

To find information about people, search for


World Book Online



Gale – Student Resources in Context

SIRS Discoverer


ed1stop – go to “School Help” for Discovery Streaming videos



Nobel site

Anyone who has won a Nobel Prize can be found on this site.  Search “Peace” for those who won the peace prize.


Use the OPAC to see if we have a book on your person.  You cannot read the whole book about this person, probably, so use a chronology, or timeline to find main accomplishments.  You can also use the table of contents and index to search for particular things you want to know.

Use the index of these books to see if your person is included:

Other Resources

Checking for Accuracy and Credibility: Use this guide when independently searching the web for resources.

Brain Pop has animations for some people.  Go to “School Help” in ed1Stop. Search your person’s last name.

EasyBib: Go to the “Essay Tools” tab and scroll down to “Research”

Quotations can be found for some in:

Bartlett’s Quotations R/ 808.88/ B289

Also, look for quotations online:  search “your person” quotes (“Jimmy Carter” quotes) in the Google query box.

or try; this site gives you citations!