Ancient Civilizations

Day 2 Notes

Taking Notes:  READ  -> THINK -> WRITE -> CITE

Read – At least a paragraph or a page of text.

Think – Is this information useful for my research?  Does it help me answer my essential question?  Where might it fit?  What is the main idea? How can I put it into my own words?

Write – See bullets in notecard sample below.

Preparing Leather – Rawhide     (Crosher 12)
  • skin
  • soak – urine, pigeon dung & water
  • scrape – hair, sweat glands & fat layer
  • soften – with oil
Main Idea                             (Source Info)
  • bulleted notes
  • in own words
  • paraphrase
  • just one topic

Cite – Use Noodle Tools to cite your source.  Write the first word from the citation and page number inside parentheses in the upper right corner of your notecard.


Books:  The following resources will help you to find evidence about a civilization:

Search the OPAC. Click on subject and type in the name of your civilization and one of the key terms you wrote on your envelope.

Browse the shelves using these Dewey Decimal Classification numbers:

Sumer 935

Egypt 932

Rome 937

Greece  938

China 931

Indus 934

Ancient Civilizations 930


Print Encyclopedias:  in the Reference Room

Ancient Civilizations (R930/A541)

Exploring Ancient Civilizations (R930/E96)

Ancient Greece and Rome (R938/A541)

World Book Encyclopedia

Subscription Databases:

World Book Online:  Search Ancient  ______ and use the outline or table of contents to help you find the information you need.

ABC Clio:  Select “Advanced Search” from below the search box.  Check the box next to the appropriate civilization and time period (ex. Ancient Egypt).  Type in appropriate search term (ex. art, education, poetry, etc.).

Gale Student Resources in Context:  Periodical and reference database – be sure to include the word ancient, history or civilization in the search to find information about your civilization.

ed1stop: Select School Help then Discovery Streaming for videos on your topic. 

SIRS Discoverer: Do a subject search (e.g., Egypt, Civilization; Indus Civilization; or China, History).  If nothing comes up with a subject search, try a keyword search.

EBSCOHost: Select EBSCOHost Web. In the Search box type the name of your civilization (e.g., Indus Civilization or Ancient Greece). In the Publications box, type Calliope.

TrueFlix: free trial ancient civilization eBooks (Egypt, China & Mesopotamia) username – trflix  password – fall


Ancient Egypt

The British Museum:  Ancient Egypt

Nova Online Adventure: Pyramids

Odyssey Online: Egypt

Indus Valley

BBC – Indus Valley

The British Museum:  Indus Valley – select Story (job specialization), Explore and Challenge to see other sections.

Indus Contents (“Around the Indus in 90 Slides”–Excellent site)

Harappa – Select from the many links on this page to get to images of and text about  Harappa, Mohenjodaro, and the Ancient Indus Civilization.

Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Exhibition

Ancient China

The British Museum:  Ancient China

For your jobs section:  From the British Museum – great stuff about crafts in Ancient China:

For your culture section:From the British Museum – Ancient Chinese tombs:

For your systems section: From the British Museum – Ancient Chinese writing:

Ancient Greece

The British Museum:  Ancient Greece

Odyssey Online: Greece

Digital Archive of Architecture: Greek Architecture

Sumerians and Mesopotamia

Odyssey Online: Near East

British Museum Site on Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia:  This History Our History

Ancient Rome

Odyssey Online: Rome

Luxury Arts of Rome

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