Piedmont Middle School Wellness Center

The Wellness Center provides a range of resources to support students and families in meeting the challenges of adolescence through prevention, early-intervention, education, and drop-in support.  Though the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Counselors work part-time, counseling services are available every school day, supplemented by time provided by Graduate Student Interns.

The Wellness Center receives generous financial support from the FallFest 5K. For FallFest5K volunteer opportunities, contact Jodi Beasley.

To join the Wellness Center Support Team, contact Heidi Monical.

Counseling Services

The Wellness Center offers free, confidential counseling on-campus and connects students and families to vital community resources.

Common issues addressed include:

Students may access the Wellness Center directly by drop-in or appointment, or through referral from a parent, teacher or peer.

Student Leadership Services

Peer Education and Leadership Programs

The Wellness Center provides Peer Education and Leadership Service programs for high school and middle school students. These innovative programs have had a significant positive impact on overall student health and school climate.

Safe School Ambassadors are PMS students who participate in a weekly lunchtime roundtable facilitated by a school counselor. These discussions are open to any PMS student and include conversations about school culture and climate, often taken from students’ own questions and concerns.

Peer Mediators are PMS 7th and 8th graders who, after rigorous training, serve as mediators to any PMS students who choose to resolve their own disputes.

Peer Mediation Trainers are students who worked as Peer Mediators in the middle school and return each year to act as facilitators for new middle school mediators. These high school students not only train but also mentor the PMS Peer Mediators.

Youth Educators are PHS Juniors who teach drug, alcohol, and decision-making curriculum to 8th graders. Youth Educators serve as freshmen orientation leaders for their 8th grade students as they transition to high school. The Youth Educators’ service includes intensive training and involves commitment to model safe, non-drinking, non-drug use behavior. Youth Educators teach seven one-hour lessons in the 8th grade English classes.

Hotlines for Students and Parents


Monday – Friday
8:00am to 3:00pm
(on school days)
Call 510.594.2803 or drop in for an appointment.


Julie Valdez
Director of PUSD Wellness Center

Amy Sharp

Alisa Crovetti, PhD
Clinical Supervisor

Michael Friesen
Leadership Facilitator

Joan Edelstein
District Nurse