Clubs & Activities

Middle School has a number of clubs and extra curricular events.

After School Study Program

The After School Study Program serves as a place for instructional support. It meets Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:25pm to 4:25pm.  It is staffed by a certificated teacher.


Mathletes is an academic club for students who are interested in learning how to solve difficult, competitive math problems that are not normally part of the middle school math curriculum.  We meet every Thursday at lunch in room 104.  Students are driven, curious, hardworking and have a strong interest in math.  We compete in local competitions in both the classroom and off site throughout the year

Student-Led Lunch Clubs

Every lunch a variety of student lead clubs meet.

MBA Club Courts and 204 Monday Sidhu
Movie Club 308 Monday Kelly
Chess Club 309 Monday Li
Soccer Club Courts Monday Barlow
Be the Change Club 103 Monday Sharp and Friesen
Going to the Movies Club 103 Tuesday Kerwin
Rubik’s Cube and Tea Club 102 Tuesday Kennedy
Warrior Cat Club 104 Tuesday Lotia
Sports and Active Activities Club Buzz Gym Tuesday D. Kessler
Best Friends and New Friends Club 102 Wednesday Kennedy
Drone Flying Club 414 Wednesday Thayer
Comic Book and T.V. Club 312 Wednesday Denman
Music Club 503 Wednesday DeVos
6th Grade ASB 108 Wednesday Sullivan
Tech Club 125 Thursday Roberts
Makers Club Makers room Tuesday Saville and Kessler
Writers Club 307 Thursday Lavis
DIY Drama Club 107 Thursday Sherman
Origami and Art Club 108 Thursday Sullivan
Bits and Bites and Other Stuff Club 103 Friday Kerwin
Yoga Club 104 Friday Sharp
Singing Club 107 Friday Sherman
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Club 104 Friday Lotia
Mathletes 312 Friday Denman

Spelling Bee: Every year, in January, Piedmont Middle School participates in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  Three grades compete and the school winner goes on to the regional finals.

Talent Show: Each spring, Piedmont Middle School holds its very popular and exciting Talent Show to showcase the impressive talents of its students.  The wide variety of performances includes everything from magic acts to modern dance to classical violin and flute.  All students are invited to perform in the show.  Auditions are held just to double-check that performances are appropriate for school.  Students attend their grade-level show at an in-school assembly, and then the entire show is held in the evening, and all students and parents are invited to attend. The Talent Show is a very popular and exciting event at PMS.