Physical Education/Health

Physical Education/Health provides opportunities for psycho-motor, cognitive, affective, and social growth through physical activities.  Acquisition of physical skill, enhancement of physical fitness (with an emphasis on cardio vascular endurance in conjunction with the use of heart rate monitors), knowledge of health-related concepts, sports history and rules, and strategies are stressed.

As the students progresses an increasing emphasis is placed on an introduction to lifetime activities to help students adopt a physically active, healthy lifestyle. *

Class Preparation:  All students are required to wear athletic shoes, socks, and change into a PE uniform.  In addition, students may wear sweatpants or sweatshirts over their PE uniform.  **

*     Daily instruction for all students, except for 6th grade music students who alternate PE with instrumental music.

**   PMS PE uniforms can be purchased from the PE office(s) at any time during the school year.

6th Grade Instructional Units – Emphasis on working co-operatively to achieve a common goal while building self-confidence, self-esteem and social growth.  Core units may include instruction in recreational games, dance, basketball, hockey, paddle tennis, soccer, team handball, whiffle ball and track and field.  Topics of one week introductory mini-units in lifetime activities vary annually.  Health instruction will include personal health and individual growth and development.  ***

*** The PMS PE Department uses the STAR Model in all class activities:

S =  Show Appreciation

T = Trust

A = Appreciating Differences

R = Respect