Grade 8



Eighth grade English includes a study of literature, composition, grammar, and vocabulary to prepare students for success in high school.  Literature units focus on autobiography, drama, short story, novel, poetry, and Greek mythology.  Composition includes narrative and expository writing related to the literature units.  Grammar and vocabulary are studied in weekly units as well as being integrated into the literature and composition units.

Texts:     Grammar and Composition Handbook

Glencoe McGraw Hill

The Reader’s Choice

Glencoe McGraw Hill

Additional paperbacks of autobiographies, short stories, and novels supplement these textbooks.



Eighth grade Science is a year-long course in the physical and earth sciences.  Students are introduced to physical science concepts while developing and refining basic laboratory skills.  Light, color, and chemistry are major physical science units studied and students will be exposed to selected introductory units in related areas.  Earth science study consists of units in weather and astronomy.  Our goal is to have students analyze data and apply concepts based on what they’ve learned.  Students will be required to maintain a science notebook and work on a variety of collaborative science projects and presentations throughout the year.

Text:       Focus on Earth Science

Prentice Hall, 2001



This class is designed to investigate the people, concepts, and events leading to the foundation of the United States and its constitutional form of government.  The class also investigates westward expansion, the rise of sectionalism, industrialization, urbanization, and the impact and contribution of immigration.  This course is an in-depth study of U.S. history from the colonial period to 1914.  Special emphasis is placed on the study of the U.S. Constitution and the writing of a research paper.

Text:       The American Journey

Appleby, Brinkley, McPherson


The National Geographic Society

Focus on Physical Science

Prentice Hall, 2008