Elective Wheel


Every sixth grade student will complete a rotation of five-week Elective courses specifically designed to provide introductory experiences.  Elective courses may include the following:


Art 6 is designed to allow students an opportunity to acquire many new art skills and techniques.  Art students will learn and practice the 5 basic elements of shape.  Students will also use a variety of art materials such as colored and graphite pencils, oil pastels, and paint to complete each project.

Challenge Factor

Students will cooperatively investigate challenging games, brain teasers, puzzles, critical thinking, and problem solving activities.


This course seeks to build upon and fortify the tools of communication that each student inherently possess.  Students will learn communication and interaction skills, such as conflict resolution skills, to help them create and maintain a safe and peaceful school environment.


Computer 6 is designed to strengthen keyboarding skills and to increase knowledge and skills of various computer applications.  The class uses the program Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing each day to improve typing skills, speed, and accuracy.  Several programs in Microsoft Office are used to create many different projects.


Students will learn the introductory elements of drama including working effectively in a group, developing confidence and poise, enhancing communication skills, and exploring emotional and imaginative powers through pantomime, games, and writing and performing skits.

Green Team


Students will gain experience and training to become capable singers and exciting performers through vocal coaching and harmonizing in jazz, doo-wop, pop, rock contemporary, and even classical styles.

Shakespearean Drama

Students will examine the works of Shakespeare through theater games, improvisation, pantomime, film, and scene study.

Study Skills

Students may be recommended by their core  teachers and/or a Student Study Team to attend this class short term to receive extra assistance in the academic areas.  This class also provides extra tutorial time and small-group instruction for students on an as-needed basis in the areas of study skills, such as organizing a binder, keeping a daily homework agenda, time management, how to prepare for tests, etc.


Students will learn the safe and proper use of woodworking tools to build individual projects.