Visual Arts


Abstract Art

One semester only.

Explore the world of abstract art.  Have you avoided taking an art class because you think art must be realistic?  Wrong!  This class is for you!  You will have fun while learning how to use a variety of art materials and techniques.  Creative projects and your imagination will bring out the abstract artist in you.


One semester only.

Come and join this fun and lively art class!  Learn about art techniques and materials while creating eye-popping projects.  Explore a wide variety of artist’s tools, such as colored pencil, paint, pastels, collage, and more.  Projects, challenge and encourage creativity!  Isn’t it time for you to exercise the right side of your brain?


One semester only.

This pottery workshop covers basic to advanced clay techniques.  Students will learn how to hand build with clay, use the potter’s wheel, and practice glazing techniques.  Students generate their own projects and enjoy independent work time as the semester progresses.  

Computer Art & Graphics

This is a project-based class and is appropriate for students at all levels of comfort with computers.  This class is designed for students who want to learn to express themselves using the computer.

Be prepared to have lots of fun in this class.

Film/Video and Animation

Animation Workshop

Prerequisite:  Students must possess the ability to use video equipment and computer equipment with care and to work cooperatively on projects with classmates.

Animation Workshop explores the history and techniques of animation.  Students view a variety of animated films and learn basic animation vocabulary and skills.  They will work with materials such as paper, toys, clay, photographs, and magazines in the production of animated short films using digital video cameras in stop-motion style and then edit in iMovie.  Students will complete individual and group projects as part of their own production companies.  Lights!  Camera! Action!

Film/Video Workshop

Prerequisite:  Students must possess the ability to use computers and video equipment with care and to work cooperatively on projects with classmates.

Students study the history of American cinema, the effect of media in our lives, and basic filmmaking skills.  They will view and analyze films learn about genres of film, camera angles, and filming techniques from pre-production to post-production using digital video cameras.  Students work in groups as production companies to plan, shoot, and then edit short video projects using digital video cameras and iMovie editing.  The lights are on, and the cameras are rolling!

Check out these film sites:

Internet Movie Data Base

American Film Institute

Read more at Mrs. Smith’s teacher page


No previous shop classes required.

Note:  With the approval of instructor, students may repeat this course in order to do more advanced projects.

This is a hands-on course designed to make learning about woodworking fun.  This class offers opportunities to explore woodworking while making a variety of projects such as miniature animals (wolves, ducks, dinosaurs, etc.), decoys, toys, puzzles, model building, intarsia, wood jewelry, pens, etc.