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AP/Honors Classes, AP Exams

updated: January 17, 2019

AP and Honors classes are typically more challenging than a regular college preperatory class.

AP Classes

Advanced Placement (AP) Classes from the College Board:
AP courses are designed to be college level courses with a cumulative test in May. Content is created by The College Board.

More information from the College Board:
The AP Experience

Honors Classes

The curriculum for Honors courses is designed at the local, district level. These courses are more challenging than a college prep course and often are taught at a faster pace and have more homework than a college prep course. Students can view the course catalog for specific course descriptions.

AP and Honors Course Expectations:
Course Expectations for AP/Honors Classes

AP Exams

AP Exams are administered in the first two weeks of May each school year.

The schedule of these exams is created by the College Board at AP Central. For details, go to the AP Exam Timelines and Schedules

Students will pay for their AP Exam at the PHS Store in early Spring.

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