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Athletics at Piedmont High School

School sports are extremely popular among students at PHS. We offer 14 sports for both boys and girls that compete during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons.

Sports teams not only give you a chance to improve your skills and abilities at a given sport, they also enable you to form friendships with students from different grades. Although most teams practice everyday after school and game schedules can be demanding, many students report that they actually receive better grades during the season because they are forced to use their time more efficiently. Being on a team requires time and devotion, but as one athlete said, “when you hear the crowd cheering for you, all the hard work pays off.”

To view the schedule for each sports team, please visit the individual team pages.

Winter Sports Start Dates:

November 10th

-Frosh Boys Basketball
-JV Boys Basketball
-Varsity Boys Basketball
-JV Girls Basketball
-Varsity Girls Basketball
-JV Boys Soccer
-Varsity Boys Soccer
-JV Girls Soccer
-Varsity Girls Soccer

Boys Soccer

Season: November 10 -­‐ February 28

Tryouts: November 10-­‐12
Monday, Nov. 10       6-­‐7:30pm
Tuesday, Nov. 11       12-­‐3pm Wednesday, Nov. 12  6 -­‐7:30pm

November 13 – End of football season
***Practices for both teams will be from 6-­‐7:30pm until Football season concludes***

Practice Times: Monday 4-­‐6pm (Both Varsity and JV) Tues -­‐ Fri  3:30 -­‐ 5:30pm Varsity; 5:30-­‐7pm JV

No practice: November 27-­‐28; December 22-­‐ January 1.

Parent Meeting: Thursday, November 13th  7:30pm   PHS Library


Girls Soccer

Season:           November 10 -­‐ February 28

November 10-­‐12
Monday, Nov. 10                   7:30-­‐9pm
Tuesday, Nov. 11                   9am-­‐12noon
Wednesday, Nov. 12             7:30-­‐9pm

November 13 – End of football season
***Practices for both teams will be from 7:30-­‐9pm until Football season concludes***

Practice Times: Monday 6:15-­‐7:45pm (Both Varsity and JV) Tues -­‐ Fri  5:30 – 7pm  JV:  7 – 9pm Varsity


Girls Basketball:

Season:           Varsity – November 10 – March
JV and Frosh -­‐ November 10 – February 20

November 10 and 11
Monday, Nov 10th                           5:30-­‐7:30pm
Tuesday, Nov. 11th                         9 – 1pm  (times TBD by coach)
Wednesday, Nov. 12th                3:30-­‐4:30**  or 3:30-­‐6pm
****Times may change due Volleyball playoff schedule****

Practices: (once Volleyball season has concluded) Varsity          Monday – Friday 3:30 – 5pm JV      Monday – Friday 4:30 – 6pm

NO PRACTICE:  November 27, December 22 -­‐ 25

Parent Meeting: Tuesday, November 18th    6pm (location TBD)


Boys Basketball:

November 10 and 11 (Times depend on whether Volleyball makes NCS)
November 10            Varsity  7:30-­‐9:30pm – Binks Gym
JV    6 – 8pm – Morrison Gym
Frosh 6 – 8pm – Redford Gym November 11     1:30 – 3:30pm – Varsity – Binks Gym
5:30 – 7:30pm – JV – Binks Gym
7:30 – 9:30pm – Frosh – Binks Gym IF VB DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR NCS:
November 10            Varsity  7:30 – 9:39pm – Binks Gym
JV  6 – 7:30pm – Binks Gym   Frosh 6 – 7:30pm – Morrison Gym
November 11            1:30 – 3:30pm – Varsity – Binks Gym
3:30 – 5:30pm – JV – Binks Gym
5:30 – 7:30pm – Frosh – Binks Gym
Varsity – November 10 – March 15
JV and Frosh -­‐ November 10 – February 13

Practices:  *** Subject to change due to Volleyball season overlap *** Monday – Friday       5 – 9:30pm (Teams will have specific times)
Saturday                    between 9am – 6pm (Teams will have specific times)

NO PRACTICE:  November 27; December 21 – 25


PHS Athletes and Parents:

-A hard copy Physician Signature Medical form (available here) for fall, winter and spring sports can be submitted to the PHS main office beginning in the first week of August.  The medical appointment must be dated after May 16th, each year.  Please make sure your students name and sport (s) is listed on the document.  Please keep a copy as well.  Medical forms must be submitted to the PHS main office a week prior to each season start date.

-Online Athletic Registration (can only be submitted online below) fall, winter, and spring seasons will open beginning the second week of August.  Registration information must be submitted by all parents of all athletes.  

-The main office is open 8-4pm M-F.

Register for Athletics by clicking HERE . Once logged in (using your username and password from registration in the fall), fill out the crucial paperwork listed under the Athletics tab. 

Click HERE to view the PHS Athletic Injury Protocol

PHS Athletic Reimbursement Policy for Coaches and Parents

Please use the Athletic Expense Reimbursement Form for all reimbursements to the PHS Athletic Department (must be approved and signed by the varsity head coach). All reimbursements must be original receipts and cannot be emailed.  Please keep in mind that all expenditures and reimbursements should be part of your team budget produced by your Varsity Head Coach prior to the start of the year.  (All budgets are approved by the AD, Vice Principal, and ASB).

Witter Field Weight Room:
Weight room hours will begin the first day of Fall Sports and end the last Friday in May.
Fall hours: Monday through Friday, TBD
The weight room is closed during all school breaks and weekends.

WACC - Directions to WACC Schools


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Winter Sports

Spring Sports

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