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Visit us online at www.phsparentsclub.org

The PHS Parents Club provides support to the High School and is responsible for encouraging the cooperation of parents, teachers, administration and students. Volunteer efforts along with funds from memberships and our annual fundraising drive, The Giving Campaign help to sustain educational and extracurricular programs long ago cut at less fortunate schools.

The Piedmont community has a long history of supporting PHS. Last year, nearly 2/3 of PHS families joined the Parents Club, over 57 parents served in leadership roles on the Parents Club board, and hundreds of parents support the school by volunteering for numerous activities and events. We welcome your contributions to our efforts!

Join PHS Parents’ Club
Memberships are $65 and include a copy of the indispensible Piedmont Student Directory, access to the Piedmont Student *online Directory, as well as e-mail copies of our weekly PHS Bulletin with updates from Principal Brent Daniels, and the weekly College Center Newsletter – all necessary to stay current with PHS events and activities. Extra directories can be purchased for $15. For membership information, please contact Lillis Stern at lillisgs@gmail.com or 547-0738.

Parents' Club Meetings

PHS Parent Club meetings are open to all parents and provide an opportunity to hear from the PHS administration about policy, curriculum and upcoming events and as well as to discuss ways to help students navigate High School. We welcome your thoughts and ideas. Meetings are held at 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM in the District Boardroom.
See the PHS Calendar on the PHS website for specific meeting dates.

PHS Parent’s Club: http://www.phsparentsclub.org

PHS Parent Volunteer Opportunities
Parent involvement is essential to making PHS the outstanding school it is. Please volunteer to help out at PHS and/or consider taking on a leadership position on the Parents Club Board. Please click here  to contact any of the current Board members to explore a role that suits your interests and strengths. 

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