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PLEASE NOTE: The Parent Education News is meant to be an informational service for Piedmont parents.  The page will highlight educational events sponsored by Piedmont Parent Clubs and the various Piedmont support groups.  If reservations are necessary or if a fee is required that information will be noted in the announcement. If a neighboring school or District is sponsoring an educational event that is open to the public, we will try to include it as well.  We are not responsible for the opinions expressed or content of events held outside of Piedmont.

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The Acalanes Adult Education Center is a great resource for Parent Education.  The center offers classes, presentations, and workshops on relevant parenting issues.  For more information go to


Mindset, The New Psychology of Success

By Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. (Ballantine Books)

This highly recommended book was written by Stanford Professor Carol Dweck.  Her work includes decades of research on achievement and success.  “Dweck explains why it is not just our abilities and talent that bring us success–but whether we approach our goals with a fixed or growth mindset.”  She offers information and advice that parents can use to help empower their children to be motivated learners.

Our Last Best Shot, Guiding Our Children Through Early Adolescence

By Laura Sessions Stepp ( Riverhead Books)

Through the personal stories of 12 girls and boys and Stepp’s extensive research, we gain invaluable advice about how to bring up well-adjsuted children in these challenging times.  The book is filled with common sense, as well as  current research.  It advises parents on how to prevent trouble, but most importantly how to encourage growth.

Colleges That Change Lives

By Loren Pope (Penguin Books)

This book profiles forty colleges that Pope has called “life-changing.”  It is a different take on the college search, but offers many helpful insights and ideas. It is not just for the parents of High School students; it is an interesting book for any parent.

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